Title : 'Sunset' -acrylic on paper, framed It will be one of the couple of new one exhibit in What if?... Gallery in Dartford, UK in April 2018 :

Artist : Mariusz Zawadzki

Medium : acrylic painting size ( image inside the black mount ) 20 x 25 cm; 8 x 10 in;

Size with mount and frame 31,5 x 39 cm

Created around: 2001

This is genuine hand painted acrylic on canvas. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me before buying. Wonderful tones of gray and bronze metalic in wonderful coppery colour, wooden frame. Dark elegance.

This is what's Marius has to say about his art: 'Regarding my artworks, I do not like to talk about my art, as I'm not a speaker or a writer, my language is an image I create. Hope my art resonates with your imagination freely and beyond any explanation.'

Painting is covered with a gloss acrylic resin based varnish, protecting colours from fading.

Painting on paper framed, original acrylic artwork, landscape

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