Title : 'Imagine'

Artist : Donata E. Zawadzka

Medium : acrylic painting on canvas (1'' canvas sides painted black, no frame neccesary)

Size : 61 / 61 cm square

Created in: 2015

This is genuine hand painted acrylic on 1 inch deep canvas. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me before buying.

'Imagine' waited long to be finished, 4 years took it to ripe in my minds eye, and went through few metamorphosis to finally end up in its current form. Its a part abstract part figurative art, colours are more vibrant in reality. Everything under the stars is connected as everything is energy on some frequency. Imagination is playing with those frequencies and creates a reality we perceive- a very interesting concept. Can be hang as it is, it's sides are painted as well but beautiful frame would add that something extra. Painting is covered with a gloss acrylic resin based varnish, protecting colours from fading.

Any question or want to see more pics, please contact me!

Copyrights Donata E. Zawadzka

Painting on canvas, original acrylic fine art, symbolic modern painting

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