Title : 'Lost connection'

Artist : Mariusz Zawadzki

Medium : acrylic painting on canvas, unframed. size : 40 / 50 cm (16 / 20 in)

Created in: 2014

This is genuine hand painted acrylic on canvas. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me before buying.

For me the 'Lost connection' is the story about how fear cut our connection with the surroundings, ourselves and the Source. Awakening from fear through realization what it is, free us. A living ivy is starting to spread from a hole in this prison of fear, life is back to this desolated lands... It's a story about hope, we can all be fee one day... But this is just one of the possible interpretations.... This is what's Marius has to say about his art: '

Regarding my artworks, I do not like to talk about my art, as I'm not a speaker or a writer, my language is an image I create. Hope my art resonates with your imagination freely and beyond any explanation.' It would look great in golden or silver heavy baroque /kitsch type frame, or minimalistic/modern silver or gold brace. Painting is covered with a gloss acrylic resin based varnish, protecting colours from fading.

'Lost connection'- Painting on canvas, original acrylic artwork, landscape

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