Artist : Donata E. Zawadzka

Medium : acrylic painting on deep edged canvas, 1 inch deep, may be framed but looks complete as it is, the edge is left white. size : 59 / 70 cm. Created in: 2015.

This is genuine hand painted acrylic with bulging element protruding - wooden button mimicking a gramophone drawer handle. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me before buying. This is a great game of imagination, a symbolic riddle, a language of the nature of reality we do not understand in fully but only sensing its perfect order. The scene is ordinary window on the park view, but a reality is extraordinary.... perspective of every object is distorted, too much a paranormal mood. Painting is covered with a gloss acrylic resin based varnish, protecting colours from fading. Any question or want to see more pics, please contact me!

Copyrights Donata E. Zawadzka


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