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Title : 'At The Gates'

Artist : Mariusz Zawadzki

Medium : acrylic painting on paper, framed in wooden mounting.

Size : 40 / 50 cm (16 / 20 in)

Created in: 2017

This is genuine hand painted acrylic on paper in the mount. If you would like to see more photos, please contact me before buying. On the photos you can see, it is mounted in wooden black frame (3 cm), which can be striped if preferred.

This is beautiful and serene piece, surreal landscape with a little robin close up. Beautiful illustration style, one of the kind view <3

This is what's Marius has to say about his art: 'Usually I don't consciously know what's coming out into the paper, a lot of intuitive stuff and so called overall vision at the beginning and just rough idea what's will be there, and then the flow of work dictates the structures and textures... Hard to talk about it, when easier is just to draw it. Some things are better not said, some can't be put into words, it's better to give people space to figure it out by themselves what the art piece is about.' Painting is covered with a gloss acrylic resin based varnish, protecting colours from fading.

At The Gates- by Mariusz Zawadzki- free shipping UK, framed painting

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